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Message from the founder

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

As an eco cleaning company, we believe that our fight against dirt shouldn’t come at the expense of the natural world. We don't use any chemical cleaners, meaning that while our exterior cleaning services are tough on muck, they’re safe for animals, children, plants and above all, the environment.
Our eco values don’t affect our cleaning power though. Our industry-leading pressure washers ensure a deep, thorough clean every time.

We are a small, independent business that is trying to make a difference in our local area. We are reliable and responsive, offering an out-of-hours service where possible. Whether you’re a homeowner or business, we value each individual customer and can be flexible to suit your needs. No job is too big, no dirt is too tough.

We Promise You

Professional Quality Guarantee
Easy and Affordable Payments
Best Product Guarantee

It’s the Dream Cleen mission to rescue your home and business from dirt, grime, moss and mould, giving you a property that’ll make you proud and your neighbours jealous.

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Our Pricing

Bin Wash

From £5

Regular Price

1 Bin £5
2 Bins £9
3 Bins £13

One off Bin Wash

From £10

One Off

1 Bin £10
2 Bins £18
3 Bins £25


From £60


1 Car Drive £60
2 Cars Drive £80
3 Cars Drive £100

Sealing Driveways and Patios

From £50

Whitauth Materials


Gutter Cleaning

From £4.50

Minimum Charge £40

Per Linear Metre

Pressure Washing and Sanding

From £130

Combinated Prices

1 Car driveway £130
2 Cars driveway £200
3 Cars driveway £290
4 Cars driveway £350

Pressure Washing

From £80

Regular Price

1 Car driveway £80
2 Cars driveway £150
3 Cars driveway £200
4 Cars driveway £250

NOTE: Minimum charge £40!

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